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Blue Bengal Transportation is the premiere carrier for the Gulf Coast and Oklahoma region. We provide direct door-to-door coverage within the core operating area and beyond.  Blue Bengal's trained drivers in LTL, Hot Shot, Overflow, and After Hours deliver cargo fast and efficiently across state lines. Our renowned same-day service makes Blue Bengal one of the most trusted transport providers in the Gulf Coast area.



State Description: Flat to mountainous terrain with plentiful expressways and a 75 mph speed limit.  Interstates may be prone to heavy traffic.

Approximate Mileage Range: 5 to 775 Miles

Approximate Delivery Time: 30 minutes to 13 Hours or Next Day.


State Description: Rugged to mountainous terrain with easy access to interstates due to centrally located capital city.

Approximate Mileage Range: 315 to 750 Miles

Approximate Delivery Time: 5 to 15 Hours or Next Day




State Description: Flat to forest terrain with close proximity to Texas. Limited traffic on two major interstates. Frequent traffic on I-10.

Approximate Mileage Range: 115 to 415 Miles

Approximate Delivery Time: 2 to 8 Hours, Usually Same Day



State Description: Flat to forest terrain with limited access to interstates. Plentiful two-lane highway system with reduced speeds prone to traffic.

Approximate Mileage Range: 350 to 700 Miles

Approximate Delivery Time: 6 to 13 Hours or Next Day



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