Freight Rate Sheet

Minimum prices are listed below, actual prices are based on mileage & weight per individual shipments. Please add 31% fuel to all shipments.


Small Pickup Trucks up to 500lbs $40.00 and up
Fullsize Pickup Trucks up to 1200lbs $60.00 and up
Small Stakebed up to 5000lbs $85.00 and up
Medium Stakebed up to 8000lbs $100.00 and up
Large Stakebed up to 12,000lbs $125.00 and up
Bobtails up to 10,000lbs $125.00 and up
Dumpbed up to 18,000lbs $150.00 and up
Goosenecks up to 20,000lbs $175.00 and up
40 ft Goosenecks up to 20,000lbs $200.00 and up


Hourly Rentals
Small Stakebed $40.00 per Hour
Large Stakebed $50.00 per Hour
Night or weekend Charge $25.00 additional

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