Courier Services

Legal Courier Services

Delivery--Blue Bengal meets the needs of legal firms and organizations and knows counties, the courts, the judges, the schedules and procedures to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Filings can be done in Local, County, District and Federal courts promptly and includes your endorsed file return the next day. Same day service can be made for a return trip charge. We can include courtesy copies delivered to judges' chambers.

Legal Research / Copy Service - If you need copies of a file, a petition or an order on file with the court, Blue Bengal is prepared to locate and copy your documents.

Signature Service - if you need a contract signed, a retainer agreement, medical release, we can take your documents and obtain signatures throughout the greater Houston area.

Title Companies and Real Estate

Title Companies, real estate services, mortgage companies and related industries can take advantage of Blue Bengal's comprehensive delivery services including document recording. Our mobile notary and signoff services can expedite your transactional needs throughout the area.

Blue Bengal can assist you in completing your transactions on-time, every time. Let us be your source for a solution to your transactional courier needs.

Special Driver Credentials

In these days of special security requirements, Blue Bengal has secured TSA (Transportation Security Agency) credentials for its drivers.

  • Airports--we can pick up your shipment and take it to the airline or airfreight company which will ship it for you. Having TSA credentials means that we will not have extended credential checks which could affect our ability to ensure that your shipment makes the scheduled flight
  • Chemical plants and Refineries--we have credentials that permit our drivers to go onto chemical plant and refinery sites without the need for an escort. This greatly expedites the pick up or delivery
  • Ports and Ships--Homeland Security also provides our drivers with TWIC cards which enable access, without escort to other regulated facilities including ports, and vessels. This further increases the value added to you of using Blue Bengal. These are capabilities that only a trucking company with drivers who are willing to extend themselves to study and take the tests can provide.



Our drivers are held to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability. All documentation and chain of custody handling procedures are compliant with governmental regulations. Blue Bengal professionalism and reliability makes us your best choice.

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