Blue Bengal Updates Brand and Launches Social Media Presence

Blue Bengal Transportation Services, LLC, a leading carrier of hot shot and LTL freight, announces the successful launch of their updated brand, new website and social media network. The launch, a direct response to the Blue Bengal's high demand, gives their customers the opportunity to connect with the company known for it’s convenient, reliable freight transportation solutions.


These efforts help Blue Bengal customers stay current with industry news, their latest projects, and new their initiatives, including a campaign geared towards expaning their contract business.


The Importance of Small Business Marketing


According to Bruce Barnes, co-founder and president of Blue Bengal, "It's important for small businesses, like Blue Bengal, to become fully engaged with our customer base, their needs, and making constant improvements within the company. Our presence online helps us connect with our customers and gives us a competitive edge. Businesses in our region need to be keen to all options when selecting transportation and trucking services."


Blue Bengal’s updated brand and newly designed website features an attractive interface, user-friendly interactions, and useful business insights. Blue Bengal's integrated social media presence includes robust communications on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms. The new website was designed by Endue Designs,a Houston-based e-commerce design company.


Blue Bengal Transportation Services, established in 1995, offers a wide range of small freight solutions, including LTL, After Hours, Overflow and Hot Shot services for the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi regions.

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